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My Story

“You'll become a Healer when you get older.” HA, did I laugh out loud!

When I was 12, I was told by “someone you'll become a Healer when you get older.” At the time, I laughed and brushed It off. I wanted to be an auto mechanic, not a healer. I ignored the sign and filed it away but never forgot about it.

When I turned 16, I started to “sense and feel” things. I started exploring my abilities and got spooked really fast and stopped. Then, as I went to college, I started to live alone, all that was long forgotten, so I thought! People would still tell me, “How did you know that?

Then I started to get interested in history but not the usual stuff. I became obsessed with things like Egypt and Knights Templar, I also had a strange obsession with watching Mob movies and people like Al Capone and Pablo Escobar. American history and other history seemed very suspect to me. There were too many coincidences. It was like I was reading a script. 

After attempting college and just making it through, I realized that these “traditional” things we are told to do are not making sense to me. Why does a paper have to define me? Looking back now, I ignored all these signs from my spirit guides, which started the phase of them really getting my attention.

In 2006, I got married. Again, I followed the program “get married and have kids.” Now, don't get me wrong, at this time, I felt I was going down the right path, and I would live happily ever after. 

This is when I started to have health issues. I was diagnosed with cancer and diabetes. But every test and scan I went for was negative. I tried every different type of medication, from pills to herbs, and nothing really worked. 

Until now, my illnesses have never been diagnosed because all the scans and tests are always negative. I found this very strange and was curious as to why this was occurring. Even doctors told me, “You shouldn't have this symptom.” 

Side note: In 2014, I connected with a temple in my area. This was based on my religion, but it was different. It was all about connecting with the source and being a good person. But I will come back to this later. 

On October 5th, 2019, I woke up with an earache. I thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. When I woke up, my right ear was constantly ringing and painful, and I couldn't hear anything. I went to the ENT and was told I have 95% hearing loss. I again went for scans, and nothing showed. The doctors told me I had hearing loss and would have to live with it for the rest of my life. This was very strange to me. How did this all of a sudden just happen? I was diagnosed officially with Meniere's Disease. 

Then the pandemic hit, and everything was shut down, and I found myself with a lot of time. I started to research. I kept typing different terms into Google to see what would come up. Finally, I hit something that made sense. 

I came across the term “Spiritual Ascension.” I looked at all the symptoms, and it sounded so familiar with what I was going through. The more I investigated and learned about spiritual Ascension, the more it made sense. In fact, it started to line up things that happened to me earlier in my life. 

I then started going down different rabbit holes and watched hundreds and hundreds of videos until 5 a.m. in the morning. I was really obsessed, and this all made sense for the first time. 

I came across the work of Dolores Cannon and learned about QHHT. I then read a book by her daughter, Julian Cannon.  The book was titled “Soul Speak”.  It talked about how different ailments are basically the result of emotions that we hold in and how our body “speaks to us via different symptoms.”

I found a practitioner near me for some QHHT sessions. This is really where my spiritual journey began. When I went for the sessions, my guides started communicating with me. I could go into past lives and really started to learn about MY SOUL! 

I started to meditate, I started to go inside. I learned about all these terms (and I WAS SO CONFUSED.)

  • Higher self
  • Inner child
  • Shadow work
  • 3D, 5D
  • Past life regression
  • Akashic Records 

I joined many communities on Facebook. However, they were geared towards women. Sometimes, I felt like I was in the wrong group. Everything was Goddess this and Goddess that. Would I look like an idiot if I posted something?

Now, other things started to change in my life. 

  • Everything seemed like a lie
  • I couldn't relate to my friends anymore
  • I felt ALONE
  • Nothing would be the same again 
  • Lost interest in things that would drive me

And there was still something missing. I really couldn't find what I was looking for.  This is where I stumbled upon some other coaches that could help me. I had tons and tons of readings, energy healing sessions, and tarot cards. But Nothing made sense. However, they all told me the SAME thing over and over. These were people who didn't know each other, yet they said the same thing:

  • You are a healer/Teacher
  • You are here to help people ascend – Guide Them 
  • Your healing abilities haven't been seen here yet
  • Embrace your gifts
  • Be Authentic 

Could all these people be fake? How could they all say the same thing? 

There were a lot of questions I was asking myself:

  •  Am I really happy?
  •  Can I trust my intuition?
  •  What is blocking me?
  •  Why do I feel so lonely?
  • Do I really have gifts?
  • People are going to laugh at me. 

I needed to be authentic and the real me and stop being FAKE.  I really needed to speak up and tell others how I really felt. AND BE ME! 

I had my Akashic records read.  and this is where it came out that I was a spiritual technologist, and my mission on Earth was to help others down the spiritual path using technology.  I really thought this meant physical technology but didn't realize it meant technology that was part of my soul.  My Origins are from Arcturus.  This explained why everything in my life was blue and I was drawn to technology. But how would I embrace this? 

At this point, I had lost interest in my job. What used to drive me now just annoyed me. Yet I had this mental block that a spiritual business couldn't pay the bills. Plus, what would my Mom say? LOL

I tried it ALL. Meditation, becoming a vegan, stargazing. I became a certified energy healer crystal healer, But I was missing the main guidance. Be Authentic and go INSIDE! 

I STOPPED EVERYTHING. I stopped meditating, started eating meat again, and just returned to my regular life and thought I was crazy. I tried to ignore everything I learned. And thought I could just go back to my normal life. But it's hard to go back to sleep once you're awakened.

The universe and spirit still pushed me forward and kept giving me different signs. And my physical symptoms got worse. In fact, my hearing was getting worse, and I knew inside this was a “you better listen or else” moment. 

So, finally, I returned to my spiritual path and had my second Awakening, as I refer to it. This time, it was for real. I was authentic, speaking my mind, and ready to take on the world. I really didn't care what others thought and still don't. Yes, this wasn't a second awakening….It was one of many. 

I started going down the Galactic Path. I was learning about the cosmic wars and that history. I had a session where the Acturian Council of Light came through.  They invited me to a healing session on Arcturus.  Here, I was brought into a crystal healing chamber where I was taught and reminded how to use technology to use my healing abilities. This is where I realized that the technology of the ancients is far more advanced than ours. 

I was shown how to reveal someone's DNA blueprint and find the places where it needs to be repaired. I was shown how I can heal DNA. 

Yes, I was still looking for something else. I couldn't put my finger on it! 

I decided that I wanted to be a Spiritual Life Coach. I found an amazing program. It took six months of hard work, and I was “certified.” I really learned so much, and I was introduced to Wayne Dyer. 

I got my certification, had a business plan, and was ready to launch. But the universe had other plans for me. For some reason, I stopped resonating with it. I didn't like the term “Coach,” I asked my guides for WHY! I was told that I am a teacher, not a coach. Teach and guide people. 

So, back to the drawing board! 

  • Here is where the real lessons started, and this is what I want to share with you! 
  • Be your authentic self. Don't feel bad about speaking up
  • You can visualize and heal yourself.
  • LOVE YOURSELF. You can't expect others to love you if YOU don't love yourself. Stop being hard on yourself
  • Self-love and Self-control go hand in hand. Discipline is very important
  • Once you have these, you can bring in things like plant medicine, astrology, and other things to connect

I am now ready to help you!  If my story resonates, you can book a session with me. and look forward to helping you down your path.